Operating Permits & Line Inspections

If you own a private high-voltage powerline, you are required by your respective municipal authority to provide a designated Field Service Representative (FSR) under your operating permit. The designated FSR guarantees the safe operation of all primary HV equipment. Our FSR will develop a site plan and provide inspections & maintenance on HV equipment as necessary.

Line Inspections Expectations

Metro Power provides line inspections for HV power lines. The following services are provided in by a qualified Powerline Technician.

Site Plan Outlining:

  • Compilation of pole coordinates in KMZ. File.
  • Detailed pole-top inspection using drones.
  • Comprehensive photo package of each pole (base/gain, N, E, S, & W pictures of pole top-including any deficiencies).
  • Supply and install weather-resistant PVC pole tags— I.D. format can be changed with customer request.
  • Provide CSV. File documenting structure type, size, species, class, condition, treatment, and recommendations).
  • Core sample testing of pole, inclusive of drill-hole plug.
  • Preparation of a timeline for all structures requiring remediation based on urgency, with detailed photo supporting documents included.

What is electrical installation:

Supply installation is here to help connect your new home, farm or grow op to the power grid.

We will design, develop, and install your new power source. This helps make sure you have the right amount of power to meet your needs.

Electrical installation is the act of installing wiring, switches, lighting fixtures or power distribution equipment in a structure or building. Electrical installations include outdoor lighting systems.

Electrical installations require permits issued by municipal governments for use of public property and architect’s seal on drawings where required by law.

Occasionally inspections are also required for these permits during construction of the premises to be wired.

Do you need electrical installation?

Are you wanting to connect power to:

Things to keep in mind

  • Do you need installation or High Voltage (25kv 144/7.2)
  • Do you have any heavy-duty machinery to be connected to hydro?
  • What is the total distance form your main service panel to BC Hydro powerline?
  • How far are you from the BC hydro powerlines?

How supply installation work?

  1. Go over questions
  2. Set a time for an onsite meeting to discuss your energy requirements
  3. Quote and planned layout of what is to be expected will be given
  4. I contact BC Hydro and the local municipality to establish the electrical permitting process.  
  5. Upon quote acceptance, we begin the design process.
  6. I will continue to facilitate communication with the regulatory bodies to insure 
  7. With design acceptance, we begin the build process. (formal engineer drawings)
  8. After the build process is complete we will submit final declarations of compliance to BC Hydro

Electrical installation in action