Power Line Installations

Providing you power line service, installation, & repair

What is power line install service?

We provide quality electrical installation and repair services to residential, commercial, and industrial property owners, with minimal disruption to your business even as renovations take place.

A power line install service is a maintenance type of work for the most part, consisting primarily of company personnel working on relatively low voltage electric transmission lines. Work usually entails moving or hanging clothing from wires, attaching insulation with plastic wrap and removing any fallen trees from above the wire.

How does pole installation work?

  1. We assess your needs.
  2. We design the distribution system both overhead and underground.
  3. We install the system.
  4. Facilitate the finals connections between the house and BC hydro grid.
  5. We provide ongoing maintenance. By offering you a designated field services operator.
  6. We do bi-yearly inspections to help prevent any chance of emergencies caused by nature.

Pole installation services for:

Your commercial or residential property can benefit from our power line services.

Most importantly, we have the skilled personnel and equipment needed to perform tasks that most contractors are unable to do.

We also repair burnt-out wires and replace utility components that are no longer functioning correctly.

Pole replacement & repairs

Every day we work to keep the power on for our customers. That means replacing and repairing power poles when they need it. Some poles are damaged from storms or general wear. We replace them for overhead lines and do maintenance on the power lines or related wiring, too.

The second most common form of work for power line installers is to replace poles. Work may take place in different weather conditions depending on the time of year, although winter is usually the harshest season with ice storms and snow creating hazardous working conditions.

The replacement of a pole usually entails digging up all cables attached to it, cutting down the pole and digging a hole for the new pole to be set in.

Once the installation is complete, all cables must be put back on to their original studs or boxes and fastened together with wire nuts.

Power line installation in action


How soon can you be here?

We are available 24h and can be there as quickly as possible.

why does bc hydro not take care of the job?

BC Hydro’s responsibilities end after 30m of the driveway. This is why we are here to help fix any damages that may have occurred.