Langley Pole Holding & Safety Watching

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Metro Power Inc. offers Pole Holding & Safety Watching services to help keep construction workers safe when working near electric power poles. By hiring Metro Power Inc., construction companies in Langley can avoid the risk of the poles falling over and harming workers or delaying the project. Our staff is trained to work safely and follow procedures to ensure the job is done correctly and without any danger.

What is pole holding?

We take away the risk of pole toppling over which could result in injury or delay your project.

Pole holding refers to practices that ensure line workers don’t come into contact with any electrically charged objects. It’s achieved by either pole straining or safety watching.

How pole holding helps?

Pole holding ensures that no part of the pole holder’s body touches any electrically charged objects. Safety watching involves avoiding contact between your body and any potentially dangerous electrical parts.

We provide pole holding services to ensure that power poles remain stable during excavation projects. If you don’t believe you can damage power poles when digging, then you shouldn’t undermine their stability.

The protected zone begins just under four times the pole’s height above the ground and extends away at a slope of three feet per four feet.

All slopes around the pole must be properly constructed and maintained by a qualified contractor.

Pole Holding measurements Metro Power

What is safety watching?

Safety regulations require there be qualified people on site to watch the men and equipment while the work is done.

A safety watcher watches for problems, provides protection from direct contact with power lines, conducts tests, and monitors equipment.

How safety watching helps?

We ensure safety by having policies and procedures in place for our employees. They’re trained to follow them so that no harm comes to anyone.

Crane operators, boom truck drivers, window cleaning companies, and other people who need permits for their jobs must obtain one from the city.

A competent Safety Watch is required to be on-site for work that has the potential to encroach or violate the Limits of Approach, and posing a risk to employees and equipment.

Pole holding & safety watching in action